#31DaysOfHorror: The House at the End of Time (2014)

the-house-at-the-end-of-time-poster-alejandro-hidalgo-2Dulce is a mother of two who experiences terrifying encounters with apparitions inside her old house, a place where a tragedy occurs. Thirty years later, an elderly Dulce returns home to decipher the mystery that has tormented her for so long.

Yeah, yeah, I’m late again. So you’ll get two reviews today (hooray!). Let’s just get right into and talk about this. I’ve been looking for a copy of these for ages, and finally found it available to stream on the brand new horror-Netflix, Shudder. The sad part is that the end of the film, the final 20 minutes or so, froze and muted, with the audio replaced by a really loud static. So, I had to look up the ending of the film on Wikipedia which obviously isn’t ideal.

With that said, The House at the End of Time is a great little movie, considering it’s impossible to find. The only film by writer/director Alejandro Hidalgo, this Venezuelan movie has been compared to both Donnie Darko, and The Orphanage, which I would agree with to a certain degree. I always hesitate to draw these comparisons because people will be upset if the movie doesn’t feel more like the movies that I’m comparing them to. That said, the way that time travel is dealt with it does have a certain level of similarity to Donnie Darko, in that it is complex and never just explicitly explained.


As with most time travel movies, there is a certain amount of suspending your disbelief that is expected, and you can’t sit down and try to break the whole thing down, because you’ll inevitably find some errors in time or logic that break the movie, so I tend to take movies like this at face value and embrace the world being set up. The world, to that end, is really effective and spooky. That said, you will pretty quickly figure out what’s going on, especially if you know it involves time distortion going in (I mean, it’s hard not to with that title…).

The actors are all great, and of course this movie suffers from my ignorance of foreign films and their actors, but many that I looked at actually had pretty small IMDB filmographies, which makes this feel like a real work of passion that the director really wanted to make. That passion comes through, nothing about the movie feels cheap or cliched, the performances are excellent and the writing does tread into the sentimental, but also feels deeply personal at the same time.

House works really well and communicates a satisfying and (at times) frightening story. It’s a shame that the movie is rather hard to track down, and I don’t want this to seem like an advertisement for Shudder, but if you’re looking for something to watch during your 7 day trial, this is one that I would strongly recommend. I just hope that they fix the issue with the copy they’re streaming.

This review may be a bit short, but what else can I say? This movie is good, and you should watch it.



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