#31DaysOfHorror: Blood Creek (2009)

blood_creekA man and his brother on a mission of revenge become trapped in a harrowing occult experiment dating back to the Third Reich.

How does no one know about this movie? It’s one of those films that seems to drop way more below the radar than it should, sitting along with movies like Ravenous (which you should see if you haven’t), Blood Creek seems to have vanished below the surface of horror and has never come back.

The primary reason for its seeming anonymity might be the director. Unbelivably, this movie was directed by the one and only Joel freaking Schumacher, yes the very same man who brought us Batman & Robin, and Batman Forever.  We seem to have forgotten that Schumacher was also responsible for some, if not GOOD films, at least entertaining ones. Movies like 8MM, The Lost Boys, and Falling Down are great movies, but not the titles that Schumacher tends to get his name attached to. He’s remembered as the man who “ruined” Batman, and gave us The Number 23 instead. It’s unfortunate, but likely that this movie may have come out when the public wasn’t quite ready to forgive him, and thus went unseen.

Furthering the baffling elements of this movie is the cast. You have Henry Cavill, or as you might better know him Superman, and Michael Fassbender, who almost never lets us down with a bad performance, even when relegated to pretty lousy movies. You also have Dominic Purcell during his time on Prison Break and Emma Booth (Gods of Egypt). Hell, you even have the writer of 2015’s True Story, and the upcoming remake of Suspiria, David Kajganich on top of this weird weird pile.


The movie is genuinely entertaining, and features solid performances from everyone, Schumacher included. Apparently he and Kajganich butted heads regarding script changes, that Schumacher won, so you have his fingerprints all over this movie.

There’s plenty of blood, guts, zombie horses, and immortal Nazis to entertain just about everyone. While I disliked the open-ended and blatant sequel baiting that the ending offered, it was till a really satisfying experience over all, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise when you look at the caliber of people who are working on this movie. Did I mention that Michael Fassbender plays an immortal, zombie-ish Nazi who can bring dead creatures back to life? Yeah, he does, I don’t know what else I could say that would sell you on this movie.

The movie also looks great, it’s well shot and has some really effective visuals throughout. It has a very distinct style that works really well, and makes it a visually interesting experience even before the zombie horse shows up.

Honestly, Blood Creek is far from being a spectacular movie, but there is something about it that makes it undeniably special. It’s entertaining, and not especially long, which probably makes up 50% of the appeal. It also doesn’t spend an eternity on the lore and background of the world it’s creating. It manages to communicate everything it needs to for your to enjoy the journey. If you haven’t checked this out (and I’d be surprised if you had) then maybe now is the time.



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