[News] Clip released for upcoming film Wolf Mother

This marks a couple of occasions, the first is that I’m officially using my YouTube account to upload stuff, and the other is now I’m being sent clips (and hopefully other things) for review and to share with you! So, here’s the first one. This clip comes from Riding Hood Motion Pictures, and is from a movie to be released later this year called Wolf Mother. The clip and poster are below, so please enjoy them and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more spooky video content, maybe?


Personally, I like what I see here, the clip is well shot and builds suspense really effectively, the poster and the clip for the film don’t seem to match. Almost like they’re from different movies, but I will reserve judgement until I can watch it. Perhaps other scenes are a bit goofier or schlockier.

Here is some more information about the film, from the press release sent my way from Riding Hood Motion Pictures.

Produced by Riding Hood Motion Pictures and shot by director Erik Peter Carlson (The Toy Soldiers), the latest clip shows actress Najarra Townsend (Contracted) as Zelda. Zelda is haunted by a missing child, in this unsettling sneak peek. Wolf Mother also stars: Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Kevin Pinassi (Bullet), Maria Olsen (Mark of the Witch) and ex-con actor Dave Vescio. All of these filmmakers come together in one the most daring features of the year.

In the story, a high profile child abduction case has taken place in San Francisco, California. A former Hollywood icon, Zelda sets out to find the child. Along the way, she meets Ben (Pinassi), a misogynistic petty thief. Together, they will have to overcome their own personal demons, if they want to find the missing girl.

Wolf Mother had its Hollywood premiere in June, at the Chinese Theatre. Here, the film was received by a sold out crowd. The film is currently on its film festival run, with specific appearances to be announced, shortly. As well, the film will be released on home entertainment, once distribution is secured.”

Look forward to more stuff like this, and please feel free to send things my way at barley@barleydoeshorror.com or clicking Contact up above!


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