Holidays (2016)

Holidays - Poster“HOLIDAYS is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time by challenging our folklore, traditions and assumptions.”

Well, it’s another anthology movie, joining Southbound in this year’s releases of this type. This one has the “prestige” of having Kevin Smith and Seth Green among their ranks, but does it pay off?

No. No it doesn’t.

I’ve said more than once that, with any anthology, some segments are going to be better than others, and that is true of Holidays but in this case even the best of them are pretty weak. With everything from bizarre CGI snakes, to an Easter Bunny Jesus, Holidays’ segments seems to try a bit to hard to be the “weirdest” one, and that never works well for anyone.

Rather than having a wrap-around story binding these stories together, Holiday takes the ABC’s Of Death route, and has each vignette clearly separated, which isn’t at all a problem. Each story is introduced via different holiday cards, which actually makes for a fun separation.

The film does feature directors from films that I have enjoyed, such as Nicholas McCarthy, who gave us a little movie that I quite liked called At the Devil’s Door. McCarthy directed the “Easter” segment, which is one of the more bizarre and features an Easter Bunny/Jesus hybrid who is caught on Easter, and the young girl who sees him has some unfortunate circumstances. You also have Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer who directed the much enjoyed Starry Eyes who direct the “Valentine’s Day” segment. This is the strongest of the bunch, with an interesting tone, told from the perspective of a young girl who is in love with her swim coach. It sets a pretty good tone which is ultimately thrown out by the “St. Patricks Day” episode immediately after.

Holidays - Christmas Segment

Speaking of that particular segment, lets get to the weaker parts and directors present in this one. “St. Patricks Day” is directed by Gary Shore, who gave us Dracula: Untold (what?!) a woman gives birth to a giant computer generated snake, and there’s a scary ginger girl in it. The last one I’ll mention is likely the one that will make people watch it, Kevin fucking Smith. After seeing the trailer for the upcoming Yoga Hosers I have no remaining interest in Smith’s movies. Despite my kind of enjoying Tusk and Red State (somehow), I’m realizing more and more that he has lost the spark that made him great. That is present in his segment of this one as well, which stars that bearded guy from Epic Meal Time who recruits cam girls, and is a dick. It’s crass, vulgar, and not nearly as funny as it think it is.

Just like Smith.

Honestly the movie is just a bit too zany for its own good. It doesn’t present anything new, and frankly the sequel to ABC’s of Death was a stronger movie of this type. That could be because that movie had more segments and more chances, but Holidays just didn’t do anything for me. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, hell it might even be wort checking out if you’re looking for something to kill the time, but it’s definitely not a great one.



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