[News] Ouija: Origin of Evil gets its first trailer, and it’s awful

I guess this officially means that Ouija, the worst horror movie of 2014, is really getting a sequel, somehow. What’s worse is that it officially kills the hope that I had for director Mike Flanagan. I wanted so badly to like his films, as I mentioned in my review for Before I Wake. I really enjoyed Hush, and Oculus and Absentia came really close to being great. This just looks fucking awful. There should be no sequel… sorry, I guess it’s a prequel (because of course it is), and this is just going to be more of the same old shit.

Please don’t see this movie, the last one was a success and didn’t deserve to be. This is the kind of garbage that proves the attitude of many studios is “Pfff, horror fans will watch any old shit, so fuck ’em.”

I’ve said it more than once, we need to demand more from our horror movies, and this doesn’t appear to have any respect for its audience. I’m sure you’ll see a review for it none the less, especially since the love of my life Lin Shaye is starring, and Doug Jones will surely look spooky in it. So much talent and hard work that could be put into better things than this, but this is what we get instead.

Surely you’re all capable of more. Right?

Ouija: Origin Of Evil
Released October 21, 2016
Directed by Mike Flanagan 
Written by Mike Flanagan & Jeff Howard
Starring Elizabeth Reaser, Lin Shaye, Doug Jones




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