Best of 2015

Well, you’ve all drunk in my Worst Of list, so here it is, my favourite horror flicks of 2015. Please feel free to comment with how right and/or wrong I am, or even movies that I might have missed. All that said, let’s get on with it shall we? I really wish I had more to draw from, but these were the movies that really stuck out to me this year.

Honorable Mentions: The Hallow, The Boy, Last Shift

10. The Voices


voices2015-2This pleasant surprise stars Ryan Reynolds and deals with mental illness in a way that is both funny, and engaging. It doesn’t take itself too seriously either, which is definitely a bonus. It was, if nothing else, just a nice surprise and a really watchable movie. It didn’t come off as mean spirited either, which a movie like this could have easily done.

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9. Cooties


cooties_ver2_xlgOh Cooties, you were everything I wanted you to be. Now, was this a GOOD movie? No, not really. Did I have a blast watching it? God yes. It takes itself just seriously enough to be fun, and has a really solid and watchable cast. Plus, you see adults murder child zombies… I don’t know what else you want?

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8. Cop Car


cop_carProbably the least horror-y music that made the list this year. There were a couple last year, but only one this year. Anyways, this was a pretty solid little movie. It had it’s problem, but Kevin Bacon is dynamite, and the kid actors really do a good job. How can I not include a movie that is totally OK putting kids in genuine peril?

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7. The Gift


the-gift-movie-poster-1I completely expected to hate this movie. It looked like exactly the kind of movie that would be boring, and have some kind of stupid twist. It was, instead a really delightful surprise. Jason Bateman is a fucking scumbag, and Joe Edgerton is great all around. Watch this.

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6. Insidious: Chapter 3

insidious_chapter_three_ver3-305x432I really love this series. I recognize all the issues that people have with them, but I really can’t get enough. They are effectively tense, and this entry’s main antagonist is really frightening. I think having Lin Shaye become a regular fixture in the series is also the single best choice they could have made.

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5. Spring


Spring Horror Movie PosterWhat a bizarre and spectacularly beautiful movie. I was pretty confident I had this movie completely figured out around half way through, and was actually pretty blown away with the turns that the movie takes. I don’t want to say much, just watch it. Seriously. Watch it.

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4. Cub


Cub-PosterI’m not sure what it is, but something about kids being treated like adults in horror movies really works for me. I have no patience for the “nothing bad can happen to kids” rule that so much modern horror seems to stick with, and this movie breaks that rule in the best ways. There is a child pit-fight, and a jeep runs over a tent full of kids. Watch it.

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3. Deathgasm


deathgasm-0-800-0-1200-crop_largeI fucking love this movie. I fucking love this movie. I fucking love this movie. This is my Dead Snow 2 for 2015. It’s over the top, completely bonkers, and so so so much fun. Throw on this, and Turbo Kid for the best double feature of your life.

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2. It Follows


watch-scary-it-follows-2015-extended-us-movie-trailer-videoI have a feeling that my top 2 will be the most controversial, or get me shit for being “too obvious”. I know there are plenty of haters of this one, but it worked for me in every way. The sound track is enough to put this on the list, but the movie is also effectively scary, and beautifully shot. It’s great.

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1. Crimson Peak


Crimson-Peak-Mondo-poster-3What can I say about this? It’s an absolutely stunning movie by Guillermo Del Toro. The sets are amazing, the movie looks fantastic, the creature design is terrifying, and it just worked for me in every way. What more can I say, that I haven’t already said?

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