Soulmate (2013)

Soulmate1A good old ghost story for day 30 of my #31DaysOfHorror. Things are getting pretty spoopy around here, as we get closer to Halloween, I hope you guys manage to scare yourselves at least once, and all the better if it’s something off this list. Anyways, let’s get to Soulmate.

Widowed Audrey retreats to an isolated Welsh cabin after a failed suicide attempt, to recuperate. Still haunted by the tragic death of her husband and struggling with her psychosis, she begins to hear strange noises.

After really enjoying Tales of Halloween, I thought I would check out the previous film by Axelle Carolyn. This one only a few years old, from 2013, and was Carolyn’s first feature film, which she both wrote and directed. Her previous 3 films were (I’m pretty sure, anyway) horror shorts, so it’s clear she has a favourite genre. She showed a pretty good sense of ghost stories in her Tales segment, Grim Grinning Ghost, and this builds on that as well. She does a really great job building the atmosphere, and tells an effectively spooky and fun ghost story. At least at first.

In the beginning you have a pretty standard story, lady rents out an old spooky cottage after the tragic death of a family member, and hears scary noises. The movie takes a bit of a turn when she befriends the ghost she meets, and the two of them build a relationship, and that’s kind of where the movie falls down a bit. I suppose I should have somewhat guessed where it was going from the title, but once Audrey and the ghost become friends, it stops being a particularly scary movie and actually gets a little bit dull, and when it comes to the ending it all feels a bit rushed and abrupt. That said, it’s not that the movie is bad, it’s more that it wasn’t exactly the ghost story I had hoped for, and this does keep me interested in seeing what Carolyn comes up with next.


This does feel like two different movies, the haunted house story at the beginning and the vengeful spirit in the end feel like one, while the strange relationship between Audrey and Douglas feels like another, and one just bookends the other one. It’s one that I hadn’t seen a trailer for, but I imagine that it would focus on the spookier parts of the movie, which really isn’t what it’s about.

The two main actors, Anna Walton (The Seasoning House) and Tom Wisdom (300) have a really great on screen chemistry, and both deliver pretty solid performances. Nick Brimble (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) is also a lot of fun to watch. I don’t have much to complain about with the acting honestly, everyone is fine, no one is hilariously bad or astonishingly good.

It’s really another one of those movies that I don’t have a lot to say about, because it was just fine. It’s well shot, and competently written, directed and acted. However, if you’re looking for a haunted house movie or a scary ghost story, this might not be the right one for you. I’m not saying skip it, I’m just saying it might not be what you expected.



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