The NoSleep Podcast (2011)

Season4Logo_300Holy heck, it’s another podcast! I’ve decided to make a genuine attempt to branch out and review different types of horror media, and my 31 Days of Horror seems like a good time to start that. With that said, it’s day 27, and this is The NoSleep Podcast.

The NoSleep Podcast is a multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales. (from iTunes)

So, the NoSleep podcast was first produced in 2011, but it does continue to this day. Now in it’s sixth season, each episode presents several spooky stories, with different performers and by different authors. While it initially obtained content from the /r/NoSleep board on, I actually don’t know if they still pull from there or if they get enough submissions directly, either way they’ve managed to fill a huge number of episodes so far. I’ve listened to 10 or 20 episodes in rapid succession, and  have really enjoyed myself thus far and even found myself pretty hugely spooked in my apartment more than I’d like to admit.
The show is hosted and run by David Cummings, who (for my Canadian readers) sounds kind of like if Stuart McLean (Vinyl Cafe) merged vocal chords with Tom Waits. The Vinyl Cafe parallels don’t stop there, because the show really does remind me of that particular CBC DC_website-300x300program, with a spooky twist. In the same way that The Blacktapes Podcast sounds like an NPR documentary like Serial, this show reminded me so much of The Vinyl Cafe and I can recommend it for fans of scary stories, and for fans of that particular CBC program. On top of the host, there are a number of contributors who will read the stories and lend their voices to performances. While some of the contributors are a bit sillier in their readings than others, in general they do a pretty great job telling the stories

As with anything else, with the huge number of creative minds here, there are a huge variety of story lines, and some are scarier and stronger than others. Like any anthology movie I’ve reviewed, or any that you’ve seen, you’re bound to like some of the stories more than others. There is a more consistently high quality in the more recent episodes, but the same thing applies. Also notable is that each episode (at least in the new season) has a different piece of art work, and the social media sites for the show are pretty active.

If you’re looking for a version of campfire stories for the podcasting age, this is the show for you. It’s a really interesting showcase of horror fiction, and is definitely one that will get into your head at least on occasion. It’s a real fun show, and I recommend it whole heartedly. I’m sure that many of you are already on this particular train, but if you’re like me and you haven’t heard of it, then please check it out.

The NoSleep Podcast Website 
The NoSleep Reddit Board 

RATING: ****


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