We Are Still Here (2015)

I received another correction from the film’s director, so I thought I’d share it with all of you fine people.


We-Are-Still-Here-posterWell, it’s a slow one these days, and I’ve got a backlog of movies to watch so it’s probably time to get through those. Let’s start things of with We Are Still Here:

In the cold, wintery fields of New England, a lonely old house wakes up every thirty years – and demands a sacrifice.

Let’s start positive with this one, I really didn’t expect much more than a generic, jump-scare filled, haunted house movie, and in some regards that’s what I got. That said, it does offer up some genuinely good scares and spooks, and isn’t a dull watch by any stretch. The bloody finale is pretty fun too. As feature debuts for directors go, this could have been a whole hell of a lot worse. There are some fun special effects, and it does have some creepy and fun ghost-make up.

All that said, I don’t have much more to say about it positively. The script is really weird feeling, the characters all either speak in 100% exposition, or 100% vague, sinister trail off sentences. The actors aren’t bad necessarily, and it was kind of nice to see “normal” looking people in the role of the family. Typically in movies like this I notice that the married couple who movies into the old house, are actors in their mid twenties and make some passing comment about being nearly 40. Which is always weird, so it was nice to see age-appropriate actors.


Speaking of which, for all you horror-casting hounds, you do have Re-Animator and You’re Next’s Barbara Crampton, she’s pretty watchable throughout, despite having a pretty weak script to work with.

It has a definite air of 80s, 90s b-movie about it, but sometimes that feels a little bit too deliberate, and I’ve never been a fan of movies that TRY to be “bad”. The best “so good it’s bad” movies are usually earnest efforts that just fall apart spectacularly. This one has enough competent elements to it that when the cracks show, they are pretty jarring.


Overall, I’m not going to say give it a pass or avoid at all costs, but it’s really not worth hunting down immediately. I can see people really enjoying it, especially if you have a bit more preference for the jumpy, spook-house movies. I’m sure it will make the rounds, it has some pretty good posters that definitely tricked me into checking it out with more enthusiasm. Plus is used those words “From The Producers Of…” to really get the attention of horror hounds.

Remember: Producers are in charge of securing money, and not a WHOLE lot else. So, don’t put too much stake in their creative input. Again, in most cases, not all cases.



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