Scream (1996)

A group of teens are pitted against a masked murderer that tests their knowledge of horror movies.

Ah, this ol’ chestnut. After watching the foul attempt at a TV series that MTV just released, I figured I’d revisit the little beauty that started it all, and you know what? It’s fucking great.


This great old slasher comes to us from the man who brought us some iconic movies in the genre, Wes Craven. This was his stab (hah) at parodying the movies that he created, as well as taking pot shots of the “cheap imitations” that followed. He even takes a dig at the sequels to Nightmare (“Yeah, well the first one was but the rest sucked”) and has one of the weirdest Krueger cameos ever as a janitor.

The movie is self-referential, fun, meta, and a big bloody mess. Featuring some really enjoyable performances from Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Neve Campbell and Courtenay Cox. Even David Arquette is charming in this movie. I really feel like the “crazy” version of Lillard’s character in the end might actually be some of the best acting he’s ever done.

If you were as let down as me by the tv series, then maybe it’s time to go back and revisit this old beauty. It’s aged well, and really has earned its place in the annals of iconic slasher movies.

RATING: *****


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