Ghostwatch (1992)

Alright, so this is a new thing I’m going to do from now on. When I watch an older movie, I’m going to give a bit of a shorter review of them. I figure, with many, there are probably enough detailed reviews, and I will save my long reviews for the new movies. It’ll be a quick synopsis, my thoughts, and a recommend. Maybe a nice way to find new movies that you’ve missed. Anyways, feedback and comments are all appreciated. 

Let’s try this out. 

The BBC gives over a whole evening to an ‘investigation into the supernatural’. Four respected presenters and a camera crew attempt to discover the truth behind ‘The most haunted house in Britain’, expecting a light-hearted scare or two and probably the uncovering of a hoax. They think they are in control of the situation. They think they are safe. The viewers settle down and decide to watch ‘for a laugh’. Ninety minutes later the BBC, and the country, was changed, and the consequences are
still felt today.

ghostwatch-3-presentersGhostwatch is a mockumentary style horror movie from the 90s, that is as much fun to watch as it is to read about. It had a pretty interesting effect on the public and that’s really worth giving a look, I’d compare it to the War Of The Worlds’ original radio broadcast, but that might be a BIT hyperbolic. Either way, this one stars real BBC presenters and really did have a cultural impact.

As far as the movie itself, it really is one of my favourites of the found footage/mockumentary type. It does a really good job building the world and setting up some extremely likable characters. Even the child actors give pretty solid performances. It’s subtle from start to finish, and really does build excellent tension without shoving demons and jump scares in your face every quarter of a second. It feels like a live broadcast, and when I imagine how I might have reacted to it at the time, it really must have been a terrifying experience

If you’re  fan of this kind of movie, and are always on the lookout for one that wasn’t slapped together in half an hour, you really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a personal favourite, and I hope you like it as much as I do.

RATING: *****


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