Darknet (2013)

darknetFound this very cool little tv series on Netflix the other day. After Netflix’s insistence that it was well suited to my interests, I caved and gave it a watch. So, now I’m going to share it with you, this is Darknet.

A macabre web site called Darknet links the tales in this chilling anthology series whose protagonists face a range of unnamable horrors.

So, the premise of the show really isn’t that hard to believe. Since I was a kid and the internet began its speedy rise to power, there were websites like Rotten.com or other gore, and shock websites for people to find. It stands to reason that the deeper and darker into the internet you get, the more disturbing and dark the content could potentially get. So, on it’s face I was already pretty engaged in the series. The website itself actually takes the backseat to the stories, but does provide a pretty unique way to link everything together.


The first episode really sold it to me, I won’t go through each episode and each plot on it’s own, but I will say that the first episode really did an effective job of drawing me into the world of Darknet. The opening scene was really well put together and actually sets the tone for the rest of the show in terms of acting and violence. While some elements are definitely cheesy, as they always tend to be when we start dealing with the internet, this show (unlike The Strain) actually is pretty forgivable in it’s sillier places.

The actors in this are all great, and fun, if not a little bit over the top. There’s even a recognizable face in the form of Peter Outerbridge from Saw VI and Orphan Black who makes an appearance. It’s a great little showcase of Canadian actors, and that makes sense, with this show being Canadian. After the review of Extraterrestrial I had been a bit nervous about Canadian horror. I mean, there are (obviously) great examples, but what can I say? The Vicious idiots left a bad taste in my mouth. This series was exactly what I needed.

darknet (1)Fun, violent and often really unsettling, this show delivers for horror fans and really left me wanting more. Sadly, there are only 6 episodes and they all are under 30 minutes. I really hope that we can, together as Canadians, show enough support for this show to bring it back for a second season! It definitely leaves things open for the second, so if you’re someone who can’t deal too well with cliffhangers, this might not be for you.

Honestly though, get on Netflix and watch this show. You won’t be sorry.

RATING: ****


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