Best of 2014


Alright, time for everyone’s favourite thing of the year. LISTS! Here’s how this one is going to work, I have compiled a list of the 20 best (in my opinion) horror movies of 2014. On top of this list, you’re also going to get a list of 10 of the best non-horror movies of the year as well. The second part won’t have hugely detailed reviews or anything, but they’re just such fantastic movies that you should check out. Again, this is my opinion.

If you think I missed one, and it’s possible that I did, please comment with your favourites!

(Unless otherwise mentioned, the pictures above each blurb will lead you to my full review of each film.)

(Also, the WORST of 2014 list can be seen here)


Unique, clever, and kind of a breath of fresh air in terms of bigger found-footage movies. I really enjoyed this one, it certainly has some silly moments but it took some chances too. I definitely recommend it for those of you trying to sort through the massive pile of this kind of movie for some that are worth your time. (Rotten Tomatoes Says : 27%)


Fun and watchable, though it does fall apart a bit near the end. Has some tense and creepy moments, one that won’t leave you infuriated when its over. Not bad, and one that I definitely enjoyed. This found footage movie takes a pretty believable idea and presents it in a way that (I think) works. For the most part it sticks to format, but of course has it’s moments of goofiness. I watched this one before I started this site, and so there’s no full review at the moment. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 80%)


Clever and original, I really enjoyed this. That said, I enjoy a rock opera and I know that’s not really for everyone. Offers up some catchy songs, and a performance by Meatloaf as … a normal person. Not a bad little movie and offered up something different, which I appreciated. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 34%)


Tongue firmly in cheek, this one was way more fun than I expected it to be and if you haven’t checked it out, and are in the mood for a bit of a weird (and at times very cheesy) one, then check it out. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 47%)


Everything Human Centipede SHOULD have been, it has a few weird, and at times stupid, moments and it’s sorta hard to see a bloated Hayley Joel Osment be a love interest, but over all I have to recommend this one. The walrus makeup made me feel ill, and this one makes the list almost on that note alone. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 40%)


Another one from before the site existed, but it’s making the list regardless. This one is a fun horror comedy about a group of LARPers who accidentally summon a demon. Everyone seems to be having a blast, and with performances from Peter Dinklage and Dani Pudi, what’s not to love about it? Get it. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 55%)


I’m sure some people would disagree, but frankly I think it was a pretty good year for Found Footage movies. This one is basically what I had hoped Chronicle would be. Great, creepy, and a good watch. Of course, if you arbitrarily hate all found footage movies always, then it’s probably not any good for you. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 79%)


Fun, and full of Bigfoot. What else do you want from me? Directed by a director of The Blair Witch Project, and another solid Found Footage flick for you to hate before you watch it. Either way, give it a watch. There’s something really scary about Bigfoot… (Rotten Tomatoes Says: %32)


From the creators of Flight Of The Conchords, this is just a really great horror comedy and takes itself exactly as seriously as we should be taking vampire movies these days. It’s silly, and it’s so much fun. Enjoy. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 93%)


A pretty cool, smaller budget movie. I don’t really want to say a TON more about it, and I don’t think the review I wrote is especially spoiler heavy. I think you’ll like it, watch it. Hooray. (Rotten Tomatoes Says : 74%)


Another found footage movie?! Oh man, you guys must be slowly writing off the credibility of my reviews. Anyways, check this movie out. There’s also a documentary, that I am pretty sure this film uses footage of, made by the same film makers that I’ve never seen. Either way, this is creepy and effective, so you should give it a shot. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 50%)


I really, really enjoyed this movie. Radcliffe did a great job, and finally didn’t feel like Harry Potter. His performance is solid, and the movie kept me gripped straight on through. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 41%)


I think I might be in the minority of people who liked this movie, but I really did. I found the tone awesome, the tension palpable and overall, it just really did it for me. Felt like one of the few times the minimalism, and overall scariness of The Blair Witch Project was captured here. I’ve definitely seen some nasty reviews of this one, but I totally disagree. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 88%)


An incredibly well put together mockumentary, framing it as a VICE documentary really worked for me and made it that much more believable. I really dug this movie, and again it proves that it’s been a great year for found footage. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 61%)


Holy shit is this movie a bunch of fun. Sillier, and scarier than the first, this one is a definitely winner. Sort of the reverse of the situation I faced with VHS : Viral. Had very few expectations, and thoroughly enjoyed most of the segments. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 73%)


Technically not a horror movie, but really quite chilling regardless. The main character is disturbed, and has some really frightening moments. Extremely believable story as well, you really can’t go wrong with this one. Pretty easily one of my favourite movies of the year, horror or not. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 95%)


This is everything a movie about Nazi zombies should be. So insanely over-the-top and so much fun, this is a movie you NEED to see. Much like Things We Do In The Shadows, this movie is exactly what zombie movies need to be now. Silly, and insanely gory. Watch this. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 83%)


Another one of those “technically not a horror movie” movies that chilled me to the bone. There are amazing performances in this, and honestly has one of the most frightening characters in movie history. Enjoy. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 88%)


This director is absolutely on god damn fire right now. His last film, You’re Next, was one of my favourites of 2013, and now The Guest makes it to the list this year. More of an action film/slasher film, but honestly it pays enough tribute to horror movies to make it here. Watch it, it’s so good. (Rotten Tomatoes Says: 91%)


I don’t know how else to say it you guys, this movie is fucking fantastic. Everything about it worked for me. You can check out my full review for my gushing and loving of this, but you need to see it. It’s chilling and genuinely emotional, which is not a combo you often see in horror. Really looking forward to 2015 if it brings me more like this. Watch it, before all the others on the list, watch THIS MOVIE. (Rotten Tomatoes: 98%!!!!!!! EVEN THE INTERNET SAYS WATCH IT!) 

HONOURABLE MENTIONS (some of these are horror, some are not, all are AMAZING)
Blue Ruin, Open Grave, The Lego Movie, Calvary, Snowpiercer, Interstellar, Birdman, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Raid 2


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