Mockingbird (2014)

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You read that right, from the director of The Strangers! Who didn’t love that movie? I loved it, and you should have too. The movie that proved once and for all that the scariest mask is just a burlap sack. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to this movie, which is described as :

A couple are given a camera and a set of instructions which they must follow or else someone will die.

Yeah, not exactly. So, three different cameras are sent out in this movie. One, to a couple. One, to a woman living alone. One, to a man who is instructed to dress up as a clown. The three of groups believe that they have one a contest, and initially are very enthusiastic. Of course, their enthusiasm is short lived and things start to fall apart for everyone. Now, this is one of the few times I want to share with you the trailer. There are some serious problems that I had with it, and lets see if you can see what the problem is (it’ll probably be more obvious if you’ve seen the movie, BUT it might be obvious regardless) :

Did you catch that? Apparently fucking Jigsaw is in this movie.  Now, I would blame this one on lazy film making and just poor choices. However, guess what? THAT’S NOT WHAT THE VOICE SOUNDS LIKE IN THE MOVIE, not even KIND OF. So, whoever cut the trailer together altered the voice to sound like Jigsaw. What? First of all, the final Saw movie came out in 2010, and people had been done with that reference from the time the 5th movie came out forward. The only thing that edit forced me to do was roll my eyes, and immediately feel bad for the filmmaker. So, I’m saying this, officially : THERE IS NO JIGSAW VOICE IN THIS MOVIE. None. It’s fucked up that they did that, but they did and it’s a lie. Moving on.

Alright, so with my anger and irritation aside, lets get on with this review. I really wanted to like this movie, and for about 99% of the time, I really thought that I was going to. The story is interesting, well paced, and pretty short. It clocks in around 82 minutes, and clips along pretty well. The found-footage style is usually a winner for me (usually, but absolutely not always), and the movie opens with a 12 year old boy being shot in the face! So, I was in for the ride. However, with all of the build up that the movie presents, I was pretty excited for something pretty interesting to happen at the end. Or something insanely bleak, like the final scene of The Strangers. Especially since what I was presented with was pretty raw and intense the entire time.


The actors are all pretty great actually, solid performances all around. Barak Hardley stands out the most for me, as the clown. You really do sort of feel for him and once you figure out whats happening it does create a pretty emotional connection. Everyone does a fine job, and the movie is pretty well directed and written.

Again, until the end.

I’ll avoid direct spoilers, because the movie is pretty brand new, and I’m not prepared to say that it was BAD. It’s just really unfortunate. Even with the solid performances and the pretty good atmosphere, the movie just falls short in … quite literally about 2 minutes at the end.


No, that picture is not a spoiler.

Anyways, the movie is worth your time, especially considering it’s only 82 minutes. It’s a neat little movie, and hell, you might even like the ending. Though, I will say this, if you’re sick of found footage, then don’t watch this movie. Pick something else, and shut up about how much you hate found footage. All in all, it’s not the best, but it’s definitely plenty watchable.



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