Stitches (2012)

Before I get started, a little preamble to the next 31 reviews!

It’s October, which means the month of one of my favorite holidays HALLOWEEN! So, for the next 31 days, I’ll be watching and reviewing a different movie every day. Last year I shared my 31 favorite horror films on Instagram, which you can see by clicking that if you feel so inclined. This year, I’ll be approaching it from a different angle, I will be taking on 31 movies that I’ve never seen before. Starting with this one. I haven’t planned them all out at all, so feel free to comment with your suggestions for movies I should check out! So, lets get started, and Happy October!


Holy shit, what a hugely pleasant way to get started. This movie has been thrown at me a few times by Netflix, and I figured I would just give it a shot. Seemed to fit with my theme of “movies I’ve never seen” so, I buckled up for what I assumed would be a pretty lousy flick. I was absolutely thrilled to be incorrect about Stitches. Here’s the plot :

A clown comes back from the dead to haunt those who took his life during a fatal party mishap.

Any movie that starts with the line “Fuck Me Clown!” is going to pretty quickly endear itself to me. Add a bunch of foul mouthed children who curse out the sleaziest looking party-clown on earth, and you’ve given me an instant classic. First thing to say about this one is that Ross Noble is absolutely phenomenal as Stitches. He is bizarre, funny, and effectively creepy. If you’re not familiar with Ross, he’s a fantastic UK comic and he really is one of the strangest comics around, give him a watch after you’ve enjoyed this movie.


I always enjoy a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, while delivering fun and charm at the same time. This movie does that in spades. A big part comes from the very likable cast, who proved that teenagers are fully capable of playing…teenagers. It definitely seems like everyone involved had a pretty good time and they were all really quite charming. Including the token ‘bullies’ had a certain charm about them. As I mentioned, of course, they are also supported by the exceedingly strange Ross Noble as the homicidal, undead clown.

The other thing this movie has going for it is the insane amount of very graphic violence. It’s wildly over the top, gory, and at times extremely silly. The whole tone of the movie has a real genuine sense of fun. There are hugely satisfying kills throughout, and they’re actually very inventive and unique. It never feels stale, or repetitive and who doesn’t want to see someone’s head explode after being pumped up with a balloon pump? Or a balloon animal made of human guts? Sounds good right?


That’s because its great. I won’t get too deep into the story, I know how the internet feels about spoilers, and I actually really enjoyed this movie. I will say that it contains the first ever animal-death scene that made me laugh out loud. Alone in my apartment. Not because the killing of an animal is especially funny, but the hilariously bizarre scene really took me aback and my body just..reacted. This movie really does have a great sense of humor, and it achieves that without trying too hard, or constantly winking at the camera.

It’s bloody, it’s crazy, it’s hilarious, and it’s really just great bunch of fun. I am giving this one a pretty strong recommend to anyone who is a fan of lighter horror movies. They can’t all be The Conjuring, sometimes they just need to be… Stitches. It’s by no means a masterpiece, but it’s really just worth your time.


So if you feel like having a good time and watching a smaller movie, this is the one for you. Have you seen it? What did you think? Please leave your comments below. Include any recommendations for movies you think that I should cover this month! Thanks for continuing the read these reviews, and I hope you’re enjoying them.

So, without further ado :



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