All Cheerleaders Die (2014)



I’ll be honest, with my new habit of not watching many trailers, my first impression of this movie from the poster and the title didn’t really leave much to be desired. However, I learned very quickly how wrong I was, so lets talk about All Cheerleaders Die. Here’s the plot, as told by IMDB :

A rebel girl signs up a group of cheerleaders to help her take down the captain of their high school football team, but a supernatural turn of events thrusts the girls into a different battle.

This movie really lit up all of the pleasure centers of my brain. I really enjoy movies like this one, that don’t take things too seriously, and actually was full of surprises. Now, admittedly, I never saw a trailer so I really don’t know if there were more plot details in the trailer than I knew initially. The plot is clever, and really unravels in a satisfying way. It also clips along at a pretty good pace, and is really well written. It’s funny, gross, and extremely entertaining all around.



The actors in the movie are also very entertaining and likable, Caitlin Stasey is great, and overall, I found the whole cast super likable as their characters. The villain, played by Tom Williamson, is so over the top and cartoonish, and so so easy to hate. Over all, everything is great in the acting department. They are definitely over the top, but it fits with the overall tone of the movie.

The movie is written and directed by the same two people, I’m not positive why there are two directors but whatever the reason, it sure worked out. One of the writer/directors. Chris Siverston, was responsible for the heinous Lindsay Lohan movie “I Know Who Killed Me”, while the other, Lucky McKee, gave us May and 2011’s The Woman. Whatever the reason for having two directors and writers, it worked out in their favour, and made for a very enjoyably built film.


The movie twists, turns, and takes you to some pretty interesting places that I really enjoyed. I don’t want to say a whole lot, because I really do encourage you to check this little movie out. There are some hilariously mis-informed reviews on IMDB, and I don’t suggest you take them too seriously. It’s an incredibly fun little movie, with a few poorly executed special effects, that come more from the movie’s small budget, rather than incompetent film making.

Is it goofy? Yes. Is it over the top? Yes. Is it crazy fun, and worth your time? Absolutely yes.

Check the movie out, and have a good time. Have you seen it? Go ahead and leave your comments below. I always appreciate comments and suggestions.

Final Grade : B



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