Honeymoon (2014)


Hey there guys, I apologize for the lack of updates and reviews here. I hope you won’t hold it against me, it turns out that school takes precedent and so the reviews have to take a bit of a back seat. Obviously. Anyways, I’ve been on a kick of watching new horror flicks so I will have some reviews in rapid succession for you. Lets get things started shall we?

I’ve been looking forward to this movie, Magnet releasing has delivered some great little horror movies and this one appeared to be no different. I will say that the tag line “After The Ceremony Comes The Ritual” is a little bit strange and misleading, but overall it doesn’t really matter. So, here’s IMDB’s outline of what the movie is about :

A newlywed couple finds their lake-country honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of their first night.


Right from the beginning, you know that this couple is doomed. They are just so insanely likable that there’s just no way that things are going to go well for them. It reminded me a bit of whenever a horror movie introduces a family dog with dialogue along the lines of “Oh, hey, it’s our family dog that has been in the family for 1000s of years, and we just love so so so so so so dearly. LOVE THIS DOG THE MOST HOPE NOTHING EVER HAPPENS” and you just know that in about 15 minutes this dog is dead.


So lets talk about these actors, like I said, they are both wildly likable. The performances are pretty earnest, and there is a genuine chemistry between Bea and Paul. Bea is played by Rose Leslie, who has a track record of being in some pretty fantastic things including Game Of Thrones and Downton Abbey, she’s a pretty great actress and it does carry into this film. Harry Treadaway was someone I hadn’t seen before, but I did enjoy his performance, and found him to be a pretty real feeling character. A cursory glance at his IMDB  showed me that I didn’t know much about him, besides that he was most recently in the show Penny Dreadful (which I am going to start watching pretty soon) and a few indie films that had quite a bit of attention, Control and Fish Tank. Anyways, all in they really do a great job, and the movie only really has two other actors who do a fine job, but really are lightly featured in the film.

“Bea” played by Rose Leslie, film still by DP, Kyle Klütz

The plot is really well paced, and I found parts of it pretty genuinely unnerving. It also takes turns right around the points when you think you’ve figured out exactly where it’s going. It remained pretty surprising in the end, and doesn’t beat you over the head with the type of movie that it is. This was the writing/directorial debut of Leigh Janiak, and it really made me excited to see what else we can expect from him in the future.

The movie isn’t especially long, and does build atmosphere really effectively. It’s not especially graphic, with the exception of a scene near the end, but it really did give me the creeps. It really just helps to have strong actors in a film like this, you can see that it makes all of the difference. It’s creepy, and bleak, and really worth your time.



This one was a pretty pleasant surprise, and well worth your time. I don’t want to say too much about this, in an effort to avoid spoilers, so I think I’ll stop here. If you’re looking for something new to check out, this one is a solid choice.




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