Saw 3D : The Final Chapter (2010)



Alright everyone, we are taking one last trip to the world of Saw, with this final chapter (although, Saw VIII does have a page on IMDB, so we’ll see if it’s really the end…) Either way, the story this time around is as follows :

As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.

Now, this movie actually comes really close to being a successful sequel, and a pretty interesting take on the Jigsaw story. The movie opens with a very public trap, which really worked for me and felt like a strong opening to the movie. It was a pretty solid commentary on our (at that point) new obsession with social media and public spectacle. Well, that’s what it COULD have been, but after the first trap, the entire public display angle is completely thrown away. This is really unfortunate, especially because the character Bobby, who is being tested for the majority of the movie, would have actually been interesting had his tests been public and the fraudulent nature of his fame thrown into the limelight. Of course, this isn’t the case, and everything happens in an abandoned building. Just. Like. The. Last. Two. Movies.


Overall, the movie really just falls flat. Bobby isn’t a likable character, and the only one I really found myself feeling sorry for was his poor wife who didn’t deserve to be in the position she was in as the main-goal of his test. WHICH HE FAILS AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER DEATH. It just feels like the spirit of the original films is lost, and with Jigsaw dead and Hoffman still running the show, the whole point of the work does seem to be lost. The story really just doesn’t make a ton of sense at this point and the movie suffers as a result.

However. We do have a few elements that make this worth while. Firstly, if you’ve come this far and watched the previous 6 movies, you just might as well finish it off. We have the return of Carey Elwes (who is looking a bit rough around the edges this time around) and also the return of the ‘reverse bear trap’ in a much more graphic capacity. It’s a fun movie in that it does deliver the blood, traps, and twists that people want from the series. The twist this time around actually does deliver some surprise, and is pretty effective at throwing a new detail at us about the first film. There is also a weird cameo from Chester from Linkin Park as a racist glued to a seat, and his trap is quite elaborate and gross.


Hilariously, Elwes’ character has almost completely abandoned his American accent and it sort of makes his performance much more enjoyable. The parts of the movie that are fun to watch do make this a pretty easy watch, and while it definitely made some strange choices in terms of the story, it is a Saw movie and it does deliver the things you want from it.

I really don’t have much more to say about this, it’s mediocre, but its the last one. If you’ve been playing along and finishing the movie, then just go ahead and watch this. It’s watchable enough, and does tie up most of the loose ends left from the series.

Love it or hate it, the Saw franchise has been extremely successful and you really can’t deny that it’s secured its place in horror history as a substantially influential franchise. It has spawned countless ‘torture porn’ movies, and in reality, the quality of the series stays pretty consistent all the way through to the end. I would call that a success. When you look at series like Nightmare and Friday, there are entries in both of those that are extremely weak and border on being un-watchable (Jason X…) this series actually remains consistently strong and watchable until the end. It’s effective and keeps upping the ante with the blood, guts and traps. Which is what sequels really need to do.



So, that wraps up the Saw series. One of the most enjoyable horror franchises of all time, even though it gets pretty weak near the end. It delivers what you want consistently, and keeps pretty much on the right path in style and story, despite changes in writers and directors. If you like your horror gory and loaded with twists, this is a great series for you. So check it out.

    Saw 3D: The Final Chapter : C
    The Saw Franchise : B




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