The Purge : Anarchy (2014)

Alright, I’ve been sitting on this review for a few days trying to decide if it would be a “Movies I’m Spoiling” or not. I decided it would be a proper review, because I have something to say about it that will take longer than a paragraph. So lets get into it, it’s the follow up to The Purge…


So, IMDB says about this movie :

A young couple works to survive on the streets after their car breaks down right as the annual purge commences.

Is that completely what the movie is about? No. Does it make a single bit of difference? Also no.

So the first movie presented us with an interesting(ish) premise, once a year ALL CRIME (INCLUDING MURDER) is legal and people are encouraged to go out into the world and purge. Sounds alright doesn’t it? In terms of horror-concepts I mean, not in terms of ‘things we should actually do’… anyways. The main problem with the first film, was that it took place entirely in one location. It really could have been re-written to just be a home-invasion movie, but it didn’t require The Purge as a frame for the events that happened. Other than that, the first one is a mediocre, but occasionally satisfying slasher/home invasion movie.


When I heard that there was a sequel coming, what I thought was “Of course there is”, but then the optimistic part of my brain kicked in and said “Maybe this will fully flesh out the idea, and show the sheer scope of the mayhem the purge causes! MAYBE!”. Guess which side of my brain was right?

The movie indeed takes place outside, and has more characters, but beyond that it really doesn’t tread any new ground compared to the first one. It starts with 3 different stories, which very quickly collide and become one story, because that makes the writing easier. That’s the biggest issue I have with this movie, and the first one : the writing is lazy.

A concept like The Purge needs to be all-or-nothing. What I mean is this, one night a year ALL CRIME is legal for 12 hours, and all anyone seems interested in doing is going out in groups and committing murder. If that’s all that is going to happen, then lets say “Every year, for 12 hours, murder is legal.” – but when you set up this world as ALL CRIME, then you need to take that concept as far as it goes. I’m not someone who is ever going to complain that a movie ‘doesn’t have enough rapes’, for example, but to pretend that there aren’t people out committing HORRENDOUS, and DARK crimes, in addition to just straight up looting, and other general crime, is lazy. I know that people will try and create a controversial concept, with out actually getting too controversial, but if that is the movie you want to make THEN MAKE IT. If you’re going to only go half-way with a concept like Purge Night, then don’t fucking make the movie.

When you go ahead and make the movie anyways, it just comes off as bland and lazy. Which is the case with both movies.


Coupled with the bland performances from the main cast, the ham-fisted attempt at an anti-government message, and overall just nothing to really keep me interested throughout the entire movie, this just falls so flat. There was the possibility for the concept to be fully realized, but instead it was just Murder-Party 2: This time we murder outside. Horror fans need to demand more from the contemporary horror films that come out. If we keep going out and supporting movies like this, or Human Centipede, or Deliver Us From Evil by actually paying money for it, just because we “Love the genre” we are really just asking for more half-hearted drek.

Good horror exists even now, we’ve seen evidence of that with The Conjuring, You’re Next, and so many other great horror films that have had a relatively large release. Those movies however, don’t do as well financially, or inspire as much viral response, as movies like The Purge : Anarchy (which is the stupidest fucking sub-title in a long time by the way), and as a result, movies like this or like SHARKNADO keep getting made, or keep getting sequels.

All I’m saying, is stay away from this movie, go pirate it or something (I, obviously, don’t advocate piracy … or..whatever disclaimer). Demand more from your horror films. It should be quality over quantity shouldn’t it?

That’s all I have to say. Fuck this movie. It’s lazy, it’s boring, and it’s really lousy.

That’s what I think.



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