Hatchet (2006)


“Moons Over My-Hammy, yo”

Alright guys, the remake series is over and my random-movie-from-my-collection picker has given me a trilogy to work with next. What trilogy? Well, it’s one of my personal favorites. The next three reviews will be of the entries in the gore-tastic trilogy “HATCHET”. So, lets get started with the first in the series.

So, here is what IMDB has to say about this one :

When a group of tourists on a New Orleans haunted swamp tour find themselves stranded in the wilderness, their evening of fun and spooks turns into a horrific nightmare.

The movie opens with Ahab the hillbilly and his son out in the swamp. Ahab, here being a joke referencing Moby Dick, is actually called Sampson and is played by the king of the cameo : Robert Englund. He and his son are in search of a great big gator and are brutally murdered by some kind of giant monster in the swamp. It’s funny, brutal, and opens the movie really effectively. Not to mention it sets the stage for the times you’ll be saying “OH ITS THAT PERSON FROM THAT THING!” for the rest of the movie.


We meet our heroes, played by Joel David Moore (Dodgeball) and Deon Richmond (Not Another Teen Movie) on vacation in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Moore is a miserable buzz kill, who is mourning being dumped and Richmond plays his sassy black friend. They set the stage for a pretty standard slasher flick so well, and Moore manages to convince his friend to go on a haunted swamp tour, where all the carnage is waiting for them. We also see a genuinely funny cameo from Tony Todd (Candyman). Cameos aside, we also get some really enjoyable performances from Mercedes McNabb (Buff  The Vampire Slayer), Perry Shen, and the most wonderful old couple ever played by Richard Riehle (Office Space) and Patrika Darbo (In The Line Of Fire). The cast really is so charming, and likable and they really add to the enjoyment of the rest of the movie.

Not to mention, horror legend Kane Hodder plays the undead, hatchet faced redneck Victor Crowley. All of the elements are in place in this movie to be a real crowd pleaser for horror fans.


Charming cast aside, this movie delivers on everything you could want from a slasher movie. Most importantly, it is so insanely, brutally violent. The kills in this movie are over the top, fun, and exceptionally well put together. Especially considering this is a pretty low-budget, indie horror film. It also works so well, because it delivers on insane over the top violence, and still manages to put a story together that you want to watch. It has more to offer than brutal kills, and for that reason works pretty well as a well rounded horror movie.

It’s a story we’ve all heard before, the undead redneck murders the random collection of people. However, it just seems to have way more charm than the plethora of other movies like it. There is an obvious love for slasher movies, and a real sense of humor presented by writer/director Adam Green. The movie seems like a labour of love, and doesn’t come off as some crappy low-budget slasher movie that we’ve all seen one too many of.

This movie jumps right into the action, and doesn’t spend too much time aboard the exposition train, and it really is just a fun, crazy, gore-fest. It even sets up Victor Crowley as a (surprisingly) sympathetic character with the information we do get about his origins.


There’s a great scene that you guys need to watch for too, it comes quite a ways into the movie, the remaining characters are standing in wide open space, with clear views all around, and Victor Crowley pops up behind them, hilariously, and honestly it’s a scene that gets me every time.

Over all, this sets up one of the most entertaining horror trilogies since Scream, and if you’re a fan of over the top horror, this one needs to be on your must-see list as soon as possible. It’s definitely one that I come back to again and again, and you really need to add it to your collection.


Please comment below with your thoughts, favorite gore-fest movies, and anything else!



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