Chillerama (2011)

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Time to keep things moving with another anthology. This time, it’s 2011’s Chillerama. This one is a love-letter to schlock from directors Adam Green (the Hatchet trilogy), Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City), Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs), and Bear McReary (a composer by trade for the Walking Dead series).  This group of film-maker pals got together and each directed a different segment, each in a different style paying homage to the drive-in movies of yester-year.

So, just like with Creepshow, lets go through this segment by segment.


This is the wrap around segment that frames the other segments. Basically, an old drive-in theater owned by Cecil Kaufman (Richard Riehle) has been purchased and is going to be shut down. As a last hurr-ah, Cecil has gathered up some schlocky horror movies to really go out with a bang. The problem? One of the drive-in’s employees gets his dick bitten off by his recently deceased, zombie wife. So begins the steady increase of the spreading zombie menace. As we progress through the segments, it’s clear the zombie disease is spreading. The twist on the zombie virus is that everyone turns into … fuck-zombies.

The segment is over-the-top, funny, disturbing and definitely sets a pretty good tone for what you’re in for. You’ll know pretty quickly if it’s a movie you’re going to enjoy based on the opening scene of this movie. For me, I definitely have a soft-spot for cheese and gore so this worked for me, and sets everything up pretty well.


Alright, segment one is called… yeah, it’s called Wadzilla. What’s it about? A fella finds out that instead of having small sperm, he has giant sperm. One gets out, feeds, and starts to grow into … -sigh- Wadzilla. An enormous sperm with teeth which wreaks havoc on the city. There’s… really no more too it than that. Once again, this movie is super cheesy and deliberately looks like an old shitty movie. At some points, the old-and-cheap-on-purpose look does seem kind of contrived, but it makes me laugh, and over all its as good as any of the other segments.




One of the sillier of the segments, this Grease-style musical is about a young man discovering his sexuality and also… about Werebears. It’s a pretty loving homage to old teen-musicals, and its hilariously shot entirely on a beach with cheap sets. I do sort of wish the main actor was Zac Efron, it does really seem like a role he would have been pretty good in, and the actor that they got is sort of a proto-Efron anyways. Over all, it’s funny, though the idea is better than the execution.




Easily my favorite segment of the bunch, in this one Hitler arrives at Anne Frank’s house and kills her and her family, because he wants the secret Frank family journal…because… Frank is short for … you guessed it. Frankenstein. Anyways, Hitler makes his own, very politically incorrect Frankenstein monster and very quickly loses control of the situation. Hitler, by the way, played by Joel David Moore (Dodgeball, Hatchet & Avatar) who does a pretty funny performance, and over all this one works the best of the segments.

According to extremely light research, though the entire segment is subtitled as German, only ONE of the actors actually spoke German, the rest just made up words that sounded German. For some reason, that makes it all the funnier. At least to me. Anyways, this one is definitely my favorite of the bunch, and Hitler’s Frankenstein’s Monster, Meshugenah, is played by Kane Hodder (Hatchet, the Friday The 13th series).


All in all, this is a fun, cheese-ball anthology and worth watching if you want something you don’t have to take very seriously. There are plenty that are better, but there are way more that are worse. So it’s not a terrible way to spend two hours. Plus, I think it’s even on Netflix.

Anyways, that’s another review guys. Please leave comments, share it, and tell me what you think.



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