Mr. Jones (2014)

Here’s another new one that I checked out. Like I said before, I’ll be getting back to my collection soon, I just don’t want to lose touch with whats happening. I’m sure it doesn’t much matter to you, but for some reason I felt like explaining. Anyways…

Alright, this is a weird one. It definitely won’t appeal to everyone, and it does the one thing I don’t like about found-footage movies, it breaks format. Arguably, you couldn’t have told this story without breaking the format, but it could have just not had any found footage elements. ANYWAYS, here’s the plot:

A young couple moves to the woods and soon finds their nightmares and reality colliding.

Alright, well that’s just as vague as the Willow Creek plot. IMDB needs to step up their game here… so, this young couple moves to the woods, and soon manage to stumble upon their only neighbor, who turns out to be a reclusive artist named Mr. Jones who makes terrifying, but really cool scarecrows.


That’s really all the plot I’m going to go into, the movie actually becomes rather complicated and at times becomes downright impossible to follow. You just need to buckle in and accept the ride you’re going on.

The movie is very bizarre, and does manage to show convey the feeling of a nightmare, which does seem to be what they were going for. That being said, it’s not going to work for everyone. It feels very disjointed, and at times seems to almost speed along too fast, leaving the audience in the dust.

That being said, the actors are pretty good, and the movie is shot very well. Plus, the film nerd in me loved the production design of this movie. The scarecrows are very cool, and I almost would have loved a bit more back story about Mr. Jones and the scarecrows. If for no other reason than I just wanted more scarecrows.

In spite of its flaws in story telling, and it had some, the movie is trippy, creepy and genuinely a fun ride. It tried to do something new, and it almost hit the mark. It’s still worth checking out.

Not for everyone though, and the reviews elsewhere are proof of that.

Final Grade : C+



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