The Changeling (1980)


Did you think I’d forgotten about ya? Heck no. I’m back, with another review. This time, it’s a 1980s classic The Changeling (no, it does not star Angelina Jolie in the inexplicably boring movie of the same name released much later). This one stars George C Scott, and it’s about …

A man staying at a secluded historical mansion, finds his life being haunted by the presence of a spectre.

An extremely straight forward story, and a very effectively spooky ghost story. The beginning of the movie is a little bit slow, and truth be told, I definitely thought the two young women that are killed at the beginning of this movie were both George C Scott’s daughters, but one was his impossibly young wife. Slightly confusing at that is, it doesn’t really matter outside of setting up the tragedy in the main character’s life, so I definitely won’t harp on it too much.


The movie trucks along at a pretty steady pace and is a genuinely effective and creepy ghost story. Though, it really picks up on its level of creepiness at the seance scene and elevates from there. I found that entire sequence very eerie, and it genuinely kind of freaked me out. The story also has a really engaging mystery aspect, as John (Scott) tries to solve the mystery of whatever it was that happened in the house.

I don’t want to go on for too long, because I really do think this is one of those movies that you need to see, and if you’re a fan of haunted house movies or ghost stories like I am, you won’t want to miss this one. George C Scott brings a pretty dynamite performance, and the supporting cast do an excellent job to flush out the world.


The movie builds a great atmosphere, and does a really good job of drawing you into the house, and the story. Its an effective ghost story, and one of my favorites. Watch it. Enjoy it. The acting is good, the story is good, the score is good, and the movie is scary.

‘Nuff said.



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