The Sacrament (2014)

Yes, yes, I know, technically released in festivals in 2013 and yada yada yada. Became widely available just a few days ago in 2014. With that out of the way, for the last time, this is THE SACRAMENT.


Alright, I have been waiting for this one ever since I heard Ti West was making another movie. I was a huge fan of The Innkeepers and House of the Devil, and his contribution to the first V/H/S flick.

So, before we continue, here’s the synopsis for this movie :

Two journalists set out to document their friend’s search to find his missing sister.

First off, I loved this movie. It does one of the things very few found-footage movies do these days : it gives the movie a real-world framing device that makes it that much more believable. This movie is framed as a VICE documentary, and honestly, that really makes it all the more intense. It is the kind of thing that those guys would do, and it just adds a really interesting element to the movie that allows you to attach to the story and the characters that much better.


For whatever reason, I immediately liked the 3 main characters in this movie. The performances are believable, and it honestly just works for me. As well, we get a great performance from Gene Jones (AKA that guy from the gas station in No Country For Old Men). Anyways, that’s all I can really say about the actors in the movie, everyone was watchable, personable and I quite liked them.

An important thing to know before going into this, if you’ve never seen a Ti West movie is this : these movies are slow-burn movies. They take their sweet time building tension, and then pay off wonderfully. It’s just how his movies have been, and it really works for me personally. That being said, I’ve watched The Innkeepers with people who HATED the slow pace of the movie, and so if that doesn’t work for you, this won’t really be an exception.


I won’t go to deep into the story, or any major plot points, I don’t want to ruin it, and I really think you guys should check this movie out. It’s effective, dark, disturbing and worth the time.

I found parts of it genuinely shocking and disturbing, and it only made me like Ti West’s movies even more. So, if you want a found-footage movie that is awesome, and just need some horror in your life. Check this one out.

Anyways, definitely check this out. It’s available on VOD and has a few other..sources.



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