Aliens (1986)


Alright, well this one picks up basically where we left off in the last one. Ripley (Weaver) is floating aimlessly in space and is picked up by a salvage team. She finds out that she’s been gone for 60ish years and since she’s been sleeping the planet where her crew was massacred has since been colonized. She tells some bigwigs at Weyland Enterprises what happens and they blame her for the incident and revoke her … spaceman license. Anyways, the colony on the planet goes dark, and so Weyland decides that its time to go and check, and of course they convince Ripley to go along. So, Ripley and a team of soliders head off to fight the aliens, only to realize that.. well, GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!


Alright, so I watched the special edition of this one, and it clocks in at around 2 hours 37 minutes. That run time, according to the lovely recorded message from James Cameron, is that length because it was the ride he wanted us to have. This is the only real issue I have with this movie, so I’ll start there. It’s really. Really. Long.

That’s really my only complaint. I love this movie, maybe as much as  the first one. Weaver is back, and kicks so much ass again (of course), plus this time we get an amazing performance (second only to DAVID from Prometheus) from Lance Henriksen as Bishop, Michael Biehn as Hicks, Bill Paxton as Hudson, and ,the slimiest scumbag of all slimy scumbags, Paul Reiser as Burke. There isn’t much to say about Weaver in this movie, her character doesn’t do a ton of developing, she has dealt with these things before and she’s ready to take her pound of flesh, plus she has an awesome fight with the Queen. Henriksen is great, Biehn is good, and I have to defend Paxton for a minute. His character seems to get a lot of shit for his whiney, defeatist attitude. To those who hate him I say this : would you REALLY react any different? Paxton is the general audience personified. Think about that.

The story is straight forward, the action is great and the special effects have taken a huge leap forward since Alien.  Plus, its hard to even say that the aliens are the villain in this movie. Burke is a way more … villainous presence in the movie. The aliens just run on instinct and protect their queen. Burke is manipulative, sneaky, and at times, down right fucking evil. Which does beg the question that Ripley asks point blank : “I don’t know who’s worse” .

This is a great movie, with a strong ending, and the last step this series makes before it really starts to tumble down the stairs.

Y’know, in my opinion.

Final Grade For ALIENS : *****


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